Rhetorical peer assignment

Harriet Coleman


Eng 101

                                                          Rhetorical: Part 1

    Belen Jimbo, a student at CCNY, in her essay  titled “My story”, Published in 2023, addresses the topic of Learning English in America and argues that it is difficult. 

  She supports this claim by expressing to her readers how reading and writing stopped being enjoyable for her once her parents sent her to America. Belen explains how she was reluctant to learn the language and lacked motivation. Then, she realized that coming to the U.S opened doors and opportunities for her and finally she found confidence in her abilities to speak English.    Belen’s purpose is to share the ups and downs of her journey learning English from scratch, in order to inspire others who might find it challenging to learn a new language.

  She adopts an inspirational tone for her audience, and caters to others interested in the topic of discovering courage in oneself when it comes to studying something advanced and different to you.

  The rhetorical strategy I found in Belen’s work was the use of Pathos . She appealed to the emotion of her readers by adding an encouraging tone to her essay. What stuck out to me was this particular quote from her essay stating” They asked if I wanted to live in the U.S., which initially made me happy because I had always wanted that experience. However, I never imagined that they were only sending me”.  She goes on to explain that although it was hard without them, they knew best and had her best interest at Heart.

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